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Using Micropipettes

Examine your micropipette. At the top it has a plunger that you can push in to empty the micropipette; next to the plunger is an ejector you can use to eject the plastic tip from the end of the micropipette. Along the side, it has a volume adjustment wheel you can use to adjust the volume the pipette will take up or contain.

Look at the volume dial along the side of the micropipette. Micropipettes measure volumes in microliters. Determine what the volume is set to at present and adjust that volume with the volume adjustment wheel to reach the appropriate or desired volume.

Insert the end of the micropipette shaft into one of the plastic tips in your plastic tip box. Do not handle the plastic tip with your fingers.

Depress the plunger with your thumb until you reach the first stop.

Insert the plastic tip of the pipette just below the surface of the fluid or water in your beaker.

Release your thumb pressure on the plunger, slowly and gently, drawing fluid into the plastic tip of the micropipette. Once the plunger has traveled all the way out, remove the pipette tip from the solution.

Transfer the pipette to the receiving vessel/beaker/microfuge tube and place the tip just below the surface of the fluid in the receiving vessel. Do not submerge it completely.

Depress the plunger slowly and gently to expel all the fluid in the micropipette tip. This time, continue to apply pressure past the first stop until you reach the second stop.

Remove the pipette tip from the solution. Then release your thumb pressure on the plunger of the pipette.

Follow your lab’s protocol for disposing of the micropipette tips.


Never, ever, draw fluid up into a Pasteur or volumetric pipette by sucking on it with your mouth. Some chemists and biologists did this “back in the day,” and predictably enough it sometimes caused serious accidents.

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