Micropipette, Pipette Tamil nadu

Micropipette, Pipette Tamil nadu

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We at Singh Science Systems an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company. We are exporters, importers & wholesale suppliers of all type of scientific instruments & Liquid handling systems Specialist in Micropipette. All type of liquid handling systems like Micro Pipette,  mini micropipette, single channel micropipette, multichannel micropipette, bottle top dispenser, centrifuge tube, micropipette tips, tips box, tips stands, micropipette stands etc.We are based in India’s most trusted and famous place Lucknow (Utter Pradesh) India. We believe high quality product only, our specialty are in following field.

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We have many types single channel micropipette, multichannel micropipette, mini micropipette more details click here

If you any other details please mail care@ssciences.com 

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